Let me start this off by saying I don't play yard games. The second someone mentions a bean bag or ladder golf tournament I run in the opposite direction. I just don't have the attention span or competitive drive for those kinds of things. But Ice Bowling is something I can get behind.

Here is why it is far superior to any other outdoor game:

  • It is weather dependent. It isn't something you get roped into doing every other weekend, it's once a year at most.
  • It's requires A LOT of setup. This isn't something that happens in 5 minutes. Lanes gotta be plowed, divots cut into the ice, it is a big deal.
  • NO POINT CANCELING. A point is a point and it doesn't cancel other points.
  • One ball per team. You get one toss. Make it count.
  • Everyone hustles. You're outside in a Minnesota winter, no one lolly-gags.

Here is how to play:

1. Lanes get plowed in the ice and 6 bowling ball size divots get augured into the ice to catch rolling balls.

2. Teams of two are made with one person per team standing on each end of the "alley"

3. The divots are cut in a bowling/pyramid pattern with 3 holes, 2 holes, and 1 hole, each worth different points. The three in the inner most row are worth one point if you get the ball in those holes, the middle two are worth three points, and the last hole is worth 5 points.

4. Each team has one throw with a bowling ball. Make it in the hole, get points. No canceling of points. First one to 15 wins.

Bean Bag tournaments? I don't know her. It's Ice Bowling for me, all the way.

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