I love having a window in my office. I've been lucky enough to see ducks, rabbits, birds, squirrels and more throughout my workday. But, recently things took a turn for the worst. I've got a huge fear of spiders and I'm not shy about it.

I came into work today, turned on my office light, sat down at my desk and went to take a relaxing sip of tea. As I turned my head to look out at the day, I was horrified by what I saw.

Not only was there one spider, but Charlotte's whole family decided to move onto my window with her. There's a whole clan of spiders living on my window right now--not quite enough to start a baseball team, but definitely enough to start a family band.

Their webs keep blowing in the wind and pulling my focus. Every once-in-awhile they'll crawl a few inches and move to another spot. I've got permanent goosebumps on my arm even though we're separated by glass.

I decided to do what any normal human being would do in my situation...I took a dry erase marker and decided to circle them That way, tomorrow I'll be able to tell if there are more.

The struggle is real today. For the first time this spring I'm instantly wishing it was still winter.


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