Jason Hale


I lived in Kentucky for probably 20-21 years...and in that time, I made some amazing friends in the music business.  Many of them were playing the music circuit around the tri-state.  We went back in time with this one. A little throwback to the 80's with Holding Back The Years by Simply Red. Hope you'll enjoy!

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If you close your eyes and just listen, you'd think we were all together in the same building...yet we were all alone in our own homes, social distancing. This has been a great outlet for full-time Musicians to keep their chops up while on lockdown in most places across the country.

Leigha Hale- Vocals
Jason Hale- Bass
Dave Peterson- Guitar
Paul Bernstein- Keyboard
Josh Hale- Cajon
Kelly Cordes- Background Vocals
Darin Dixon- Saxophone


The woman singing in the video also sang on my album "When Love Comes Knockin" which was released in 1998.  Paul Bernstein the keyboardist has been a great friend of mine for years...playing piano with me, but we also worked together on many other video projects over the years, and have continued to work together to this day.

I was invited by my great friends to participate in this video, and hope that you enjoy it. It's amazing what you can do with technology these days! We all are located across the country in different locations, but we are still together in spirit.




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