I am not a fan of dress shoes, especially when I have to wear them for hours and hours. So, for our wedding, we're going with style and comfort, and YOU get to choose what I wear.

There's a trend in the wedding world where the groom and his party wear fashion shoes instead of dress shoes. The three shoes above are what Brittany and I have narrowed the search down to. Our wedding colors are grey and "horizon"... for the guys who are like me and know nothing about different shades of colors, horizon is a blue.

The first and third shoe in the picture above turned out a lot darker than they actually are, especially the bottom one. The plan is, to figure what shoe YOU choose and then go match that grey with a tux.

So, the fashion is left up to you... what do you think will look good?

1.) Chuck Taylors (top)

2.) Adidas (middle)

3.) Nike (bottom)

Let me know in the comments below

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