I am one of those people who doesn't think something is a dessert unless it has chocolate in it of some sort.  My mind officially changed yesterday!

I'm not a big fan of apples in desserts.  I don't like apple pie and before yesterday, I would have said I don't like apple crisp but I've changed my mind.  One of our neighbors gave my parents a ton of apples and my mom got it in her head she was going to make apple crisp.

I told her that I would try it since she was making it.  I didn't promise I'd like it, just that I would try it.  The recipe she used was really easy and so I helped her make it.  I got the job of mixing apples in the cinnamon/sugar/lemon juice and even then I was thinking it smelled amazing.

We got it all put together and baked it.  I'm telling you I've never smelled anything better than that after we pulled it out of the oven.  I gave it a whirl with a little bit of vanilla ice cream and I loved it!  It was incredible!  I wish I had a piece of it now!

You can check out the recipe here but I'd also like to try other apple desserts.  I need to broaden my horizons apparently, so I'm looking for your suggestions.  What should I try?


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