To say I'm comfortable with my fiance's family would be the understatement of the century. Over the weekend I spent a day at his mom and step dad's cabin. We were out on their pontoon with about eight other people when I realized I had to pee really bad.

We were in the middle of this giant lake and far away from a bathroom. I wasn't wearing a bathing suit, so, going in the lake wasn't an option. I tried my best to just suck it up, but after about 30 minutes it started to become painful and I knew I had to speak up!

I announced that I was about to pee my pants if we didn't go back to shore ASAP. We turned the boat around but it was still going to be about 15 minutes before we'd make it back to the cabin. Dave's step dad told me I could pee in the live well if I had to go that bad, and at first, I refused. But, after about five minutes the idea started to sound better and better.

I decided to take him up on his offer, but, I'm so pee shy! I can't pee when I know people are listening. Even though I felt so embarrassed, the need to relieve myself. So, his sister held up a towel around me to shield me from everyone. I sat there for a good two minutes and just couldn't go. I told everyone they needed to start making noise or something because I couldn't pee with them listening. They all started singing...but, the second I started peeing they all started making fun of me saying things like, "eww, we can hear you peeing."

It was at this moment that I realized how comfortable I was with my fiance's family. I know they'll never let me forget that I peed on a pontoon in front of them all, but it was less embarrassing than peeing my pants! I hope you had a great Memorial weekend!


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