Yesterday I told you about how my husband and I were going on a tour of St. Cloud Hospital's Birthing Center. At first, I was questioning whether it would be worth our while. I'm happy to report that it was an awesome experience. I highly recommend taking the tour if you're expecting a little bundle of joy and have never done it before.

The hospital's volunteer tour guide starts off by explaining what elevators to use to get to the birthing unit. It seems pretty self explanatory. However, since the hospital has gone through renovations and add-ons over the years, not every elevator will take you to the Birthing Center. That's good to know, especially when things are hectic!

Next, you get taken to the Birthing Center's check in desk where you sign in as a patient. The Birthing Center is a locked unit, so you can't get into the facility unless you're a patient or know a patient. So, it's important to enter the facility through the right doors and get yourself checked in immediately.

I also had no idea that there are three different rooms that new mothers will stay at while having a baby in the hospital. There's a room that you initially go into where a doctor will confirm that you are in fact in labor. Once that's confirmed, you'll be taken into another room where you'll actually deliver the baby. After the baby is delivered, you'll be put into a different room called a 'postpartum room.' That's where you'll stay the remainder of your hospital visit. It's a lot to keep track of!

During the tour, your volunteer will also answer any questions you have about the process and you'll learn the layout of the unit. They explain how your guests can check in and visit you, where they can wait if you don't want them in the room while you're delivering and more information of the same sort!

One of the best parts is that the tour is free! It doesn't cost you anything and you'll have such a better understanding of what you can expect on that crazy day! If you're considering taking a tour, I'd say go for it! I'm so happy that my husband and I did!

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