Hi, I'm Abbey, and I am a total Disney nerd. My favorite Disney princess is Rapunzel from the 2010 animated feature, Tangled.

A little backstory if you haven't seen it or need a refresher:

Rapunzel was born in the Kingdom of Corona with hair that has magical healing powers. Because of her valuable hair she was abducted as a baby by Mother Gothel and kept isolated in a tower for 18 years.

Yep, Corona and isolation. Sounds familiar to a situation we are all finding ourselves in lately doesn't it?

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Rewind to 2018 when I last minute treated myself to a tattoo of the Corona kingdom symbol (a sun) on my right shoulder blade, unknowing of what 2020 would have in store for the world.

I'm hoping that having this tattoo on my body creates a Passover type situation, but instead of lamb blood on my door protecting my family from a plague, it's a Disney tattoo that I got on an impulse.

DISCLAIMER: Having tattoos in no way protects against catching COVID-19. Please listen to CDC and WHO officials when it comes to slowing and stopping the spread of this virus. Wash your hands, don't touch your face, and social distance as much as possible.

Abbey Minke
Abbey Minke

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