My husband and I are a little weird when we stay at hotels. We're pretty huge germaphobes and we just egg each other on with our weirdness. It makes it a little difficult when we go on vacations and getaways.

Whenever we stay at hotels my husband will use the plastic liner from the ice bucket for the remote. He literally places the remote inside of the liner so that he doesn't have to touch the dirty buttons. He's convinced that remotes NEVER get washed.

I refuse to sleep with the hotel's bedding and linens. I will always bring my own bed sheets, pillows and comforter to sleep with. I just never feel like hotels get cleaned to my standards.

I will also bring flip flops to wear inside of the hotel room because I get super grossed out by how dirty the floor probably is. There's no way they clean and shampoo the carpets after every guest. I'll even go as far as wearing my flip flops in the shower.

My husband and I have some weird hotel habits, but I feel like we could be a lot worse. At least we're trying to stay clean. What weird hotel rituals do you have?

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