You know when you're out and about it's hard to resist making a stop at a favorite store/restaurant/landmark even if it is a bit out of the way.

I find myself doing this sort of thing on a consistent basis because...well, just because. For example, if I'm in the Maple Grove area it's really hard for me to resist going to this place called Zantigo.  I think there's only about five locations in Minnesota, with the two closest being Fridley and Bloomington.  I usually got to the Fridley one and it's sooooo worth it. Their nachos are pretty simple but they are so good and the tacos are pretty much amazing.

If there's a good bakery I've been known to make a stop at those and if I know of a good bargain you're darn right I will drive to get it!

What do you drive out of the way for?

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