Have you ever had so much fun doing something that you forgot you were supposed to take pictures? That happened to me this weekend. My sister Samantha had her 18th birthday party, and I'm usually the official family photographer just because the nature of my job.

However, this past weekend I completely forgot to take ANY pictures. I feel like such a bad person because I think everyone kind of expected me to capture the event. But, no such luck. I didn't even take ONE picture.


You only turn 18 once...and it's not like we can just rewind the clock and go back to it. I totally missed the opportunity. I criticize people sometimes for taking too many pictures and not really taking time to enjoy the moment. However, I think there's a good balance because I enjoyed the event a little too much this weekend. It would have really been nice to have pictures to look back on someday. I guess there's no use crying over spilled milk.

Have you ever forgot to take pictures at an important event in your life?

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