One of the most anticipated super hero movies is debuting tonight at the Marcus Parkwood cinema in Waite Park! The actual release of Black Panther isn't until tomorrow, February 16th, but you can see it tonight before all of your friends! Plus there is an opportunity to give back to the community with it.

Hearts in Action is hosting their fan appreciation event with the screening of this movie tonight. When you purchase a 7 PM or 10 PM movie ticket for February 15th, you can take pictures in your best African attire or Black Panther costume. Donations will also be collected from the event tonight and they are going to benefit Hearts in Action's Wend-Kouni water and sanitation project in Tiebele, Burkina Faso, West Africa. The money will also be going to  the new Ramphan McCray Education Scholarship for Girls. Just $25 gives one person access to clean water or one girl an opportunity to attend school, it's amazing what non-profits can do with even the slightest donation!


Hearts in Action is an international non-profit organization that brings God and provision to children and youth with the goal of providing spiritual support in order to strengthen families and churches worldwide. They operate in countries such as Guatemala, Peru, Colombia and right here in the USA. In each country they work to create and sustaining programs that directly improve education, health, and living conditions for children. You can learn more about them at their website here! 


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