Yay, travel season!

If you're heading up to the cabin, down to the in-laws, or over wherever...gas is gonna take a big bite out of your vacation budget. Here are four ways to save some cash on gas.


1) There's an App for that
- Gasbuddy and Waze are great apps for finding the cheapest gas. Every cent adds up!

2) Take Care of Your Car!
- vehicle maintenance is important. Even low tire pressure can affect your miles-per-gallon!


3) Wholesale Clubs
- Costco, Sam's Club, etc. often have gas stations with cheaper gas. Central Minnesota also has First Fuel Bank locations. Take advantage!

4) Use the A/C
- What? But using the air conditioning is supposed to reduce your gas mileage! It does, but the drag caused by open windows reduces your gas mileage more than running the air conditioner, so just run the air conditioner (especially since it's supposed to be hot and humid this weekend!).

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