Last night on Twitter I came across a tweet from Norman Seawright who works for WCCO sports. His tweet said:

Tell me you're from Minnesota without telling me you're from Minnesota.

Naturally, it gained a lot of attention. People wanted to throw in their own way of saying where they were from, without directly saying it. Here were some of the best:

Sports teams always break your heart:

We know it really comes down to the windchill:

We have exquisite palettes:

Our taste in beer:

Our resourcefulness:

Where my Mall of America people at?:

We are polite to a fault:

No one actually works this week:

Again, back to our food preferences:

You don't need a coat until it dips below freezing:

The iconic long goodbye:

The correct way to navigate around anyone or anything:

And finally, the combination of our food and politeness issues:

How would you explain to somewhere where you are from without coming right out and saying it? Share it on the 98.1 mobile app!

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