The St. Cloud V.A.'s is offering veterans the option of whole health.  The Whole Health Director at the St. Cloud V.A. is Dr. Sean Omara.  Omara has been in this position at the St. Cloud V.A. for the past year.  He says whole health looks at natural lifestyles and strategies other than medications, procedures and surgeries to give veterans the quality care he feels they deserve.

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Omara would like to get as many veterans as possible off some, if not all, of the medications they take.  He says they have examples of veterans who have made whole health lifestyle changes that have reversed the effects of diabetes.  Omara says returning veterans to a diet that includes fruits, vegetables and meats is a step in the right direction.  He says processed foods can lead to many ailments that veterans suffer through.

Omara also promotes some sort of physical activity for veterans.  He would also like to help veterans reduce the amount of stress in their lives.  Omara suggests that veterans can talk to their primary care provider at the St. Cloud V.A. about whole health to take advantage of the services they have available.

If you'd like to listen to my conversation with Dr. Sean Omara and Public Affairs Officer Barry Venable it is available below.




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