In the words of Michael Scott, I wouldn't say I'm superstitious but, I am a little stitious. It's Friday the 13th, which always gets a bad wrap. Most people will avoid opening up their umbrellas indoors, walking by black cats, breaking mirrors, etc. But, how unlucky is this day really, and why do we hate the 13th so much?

Well, there are a few potential theories as to why we hate Friday the 13th. The first one comes from the Bible and goes way back to Adam and Eve times. It's believed that Friday the 13th is when Eve ate the apple from the tree of knowledge...but, did they have a calendar back then? Someone needs to explain this to me!

The second theory is that in 1907, Thomas Lawson wrote a book titled Friday, the Thirteenth. In the book, he wrote about a stockbroker picking Friday the 13th to bring down Wall Street. Apparently it was a pretty powerful book and spooked a few people. There's actually a term for people who fear Friday the 13th--paraskavedekatriaphobia. The next Friday the 13th happens in October.

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