I'm expecting my first child this November and it's safe to say that my whole family is extremely excited about it. I haven't had my baby shower yet but people have been gifting me with baby things like crazy.

A few people have asked me when I plan to register for my baby shower. To be honest, I really haven't thought too much about that yet. I'm only six months pregnant and my baby shower isn't until sometime in October. We don't even have a date set yet.

I feel like it's a little too early to start registering. I ran into that issue when I registered too early for my Wedding. By the time people started shopping for us, most of the items we registered for were not in stock anymore because a lot of it was just seasonal.

I've tried telling my family to relax a little bit, but they aren't hearing it...and who could blame them. It's an exciting time for all of us.

How soon is too soon to start a baby registry?


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