If you were given $1,000 to spend in the St. Cloud area, what would you do? Here is what one of our co-workers would do with a grand in Central Minnesota.

First off, what I would love to do is pay off ONE of the credit cards I have, but that is not the point of this. With money as tight as it is we want to use it wisely, but still have fun, right? So if I someone just gave me $1,000 and I HAD to spend it on something for me and not bills or food or groceries, here is how I would spend it.

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    Rent A Car

    I would call up my two closest friends and tell them to clear their schedule for an afternoon and tell them we are going to have a girls day!

    With our busy schedules and tight budgets, getting together with the ladies is not an easy task. Using this money to catch up with the girlfriends is the first thing that came to mind.

    I would then call a rental place and pick up a brand new sexy looking vehicle to really shine in. Would love to spurge on a limo, but I have something special planned at the end of our day with the extra money, so I want to keep them in mind!

    A day rental for a luxury car from Avis is roughly $90; add in $10 for gas to make it an even $100.

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    Get Pampered!

    After we all got in the sweet rental car we would head to the salon. So many salons to choose from here in St. Cloud! And having two Beauty Schools in the area you can really stretch the money out! Really, when was the last time you treated yourself to a massage, manicure, pedicure, and/or a facial? If you answered last weekend, where was my invite?

    Getting pampered by someone else is so relaxing. The at home mani/pedi's work, but having them professionally done is something I highly suggest IF you have the extra money. My sister in-law is going to school at Regency Beauty Institute and that is where I would go. Give back to my gals and family! Three Mani/Pedi's and three facials with shampoo and style will cost roughly $250 with tip.

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    After the salon, the gals and I would head out to get our shopping fix. What goes perfect with stunning nails and a glowing face? A beautiful new dress and killer heels!

    Looking through my closet and seeing clothes that I have had for a few years (thankfully they still fit!) and the shoe rack that keeps losing shoes thanks to a dog that also loves them, it's time for something new! We always worry about others, especially if you are a mom. The kids come first. They get the new stuff and mom will do what it takes to get by. But today is your day to treat yourself!

    Thankfully there is almost always a sale going on at several clothing stores so we can also be frugal! (Kohl's, JCPenny, Macy's, Fashion Bug, TJMAxx...just to name a few) Plus, you can wear the dress and shoes more than once! On a special date, on vacation, or just because you want to feel sexy!

    Let's keep ourselves on a budget and get a dress (or outfit) plus shoes for $120; making $360 for the three of us. Plus if we come under budget, get another outfit that can be wore more often or another pair of shoes!

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    Happy Hour

    Once the dress and shoes get put on it's time to really catch up on what is going on in our lives over a martini. Since we look our very best, might as well show it off at The Red Carpet Martini Lounge.

    Have a few martini's, talk about our lives, promise to get together more, pictures, and hugs all around. Plus, if you get there early enough before the crowd gets too loud, you won't have to shout that your child is potty training and hope no one overheard.

    Martini Lounge has happy hour specials during the week from 4-7 with free food! So dinner and drinks for the the three of us, two drink MAX; we will be driving, would cost about $70 with a very generous tip.

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    Once the girls and I return home from our wonderful girls day, it's time to snuggle with the dog. Once the dress and heels switch over to T-shirt and sweatpants that is!

    Helping animals has always been a priority for me. All three of my animals have been rescues. I've never been able to donate as much as I want to local shelters. I know every little bit helps and the animals and volunteers really appreciate it, I would choose to donate the rest of the money ($220) to the Tri-County Humane society.

    Animal charities are my personal favorite. And since I was hypothetically given $1,000 to do with what I wanted, I felt the need to still give back to something that is close to my heart.

    If animal charities is close to your heart as well, for $15 you can get a decorated vase of two roses with greens delivered to any of your friends, staff or co-workers at work on Wednesday, April 25, 2012 on Professional Assistants/Secretary's Day. It is a great way to say “thank you” and support a great cause at the same time. All proceeds benefit the homeless animals at the Tri-County Humane Society. Forms must be received by April 15th.