There are people out there that will pay top dollar for items from the late Elvis Presley. But what about his used underwear? If you are an Elvis fan, how much would you pay for his dirty drawers? Omega Auctions of England is about to sell the king of rock and roll's underwear that he wore on stage in 1977. The description of this treasure includes "unwashed and with some stains".

WITH SOME STAINS? Are you kidding me? So does this mean the king had skid marks? Does this mean his banana and peanut butter sandwich is now in his underwear? YUCK!

I know Elvis fans are crazy about getting their hands on items that he touched, used, wore, looked at or even thought about, but dirty drawers with stains is just taking it too far in my book.

But just in case you want them, how much would you pay? These underwear are expected to get $16,000 at auction. If you would pay $16,000 for Elvis' underwear, I have a pair freshly worn today that you can have for a cool $100 - stains extra!

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