We're all pretty much ready for spring after the cold blast we've had the last few weeks. Great news for us, weather forecasters with the National Weather Service are calling for temperatures in the 40s starting Monday and continuing into Tuesday. Knowing this, we can actually predict the behavior of Minnesotans everywhere. It's true. We're creatures of habit, and well, we're all ready to celebrate spring. How many of these things were you planning to do next week?

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  • We grill. Some of us haven't stopped.
  • We deep clean. Our cleaning supply stash is vast.
  • We break up snow in the driveway. It's something we feel we can control.
  • We dismantle ice chunks from around the yard. Goodbye cute little snowman.
  • We get a car wash. It's a family affair.
  • We go shopping. We need new clothes, gardening supplies and just stuff in general.
  • We take walks around the neighborhood. It's so good to get out again.
  • We declutter and start a garage sale pile. We've been binge watching Marie Condo all winter.
  • We start reorganizing the garage. You know, we move this stuff over there, and that stuff over here. It makes us feel accomplished.
  • We start our indoor gardens. And, we start talking to our plants.
  • We start swapping out our big coats for our spring jackets.
  • We just stare out the window, usually with a cup of coffee in hand.
  • We take down our Christmas lights...they're no longer attached as fixtures to the house.
  • Some among us might actually crack open a window just to see what happens.
  • Of course, we hit up DQ, Cold Stone, Cherry Berry...you name it. You'll be at your favorite ice cream place.

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