Welcome back from a long holiday weekend! Were you out Friday night? It was SO clear outside, and there is photographic proof of just how clear it was! The National Weather Service out of the Twin Cities shared a picture that had me stunned! Check it out!

The National Weather Service in the Twin Cities shared this photo of the state of Minnesota using "Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite (VIIRS)". Let's just say you can literally see each individual city in Greater Minnesota and it is SO cool!

Clear skies overnight allowed for a nice look at city/town lights around the area. This image from the Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite (VIIRS) was taken around 3 AM CST. Can you find your town?

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Are you able to spot your hometown, or maybe the town you are living in now? It's pretty easy to do if you live in greater Minnesota. Just think if you lived down in the Twin Cities, you are just part of that giant ball of light, rather than a spark out in greater Minnesota.

I had some fun finding all the cities that we have lived in over the last decade, and this picture also puts into perspective where certain Minnesota cities are, compared to where they are in your mind.

Rochester is one of those cities that comes to mind. In my mind, Rochester is SO much closer to Wisconsin and also further south in my mind, but if you look at the image Rochester is almost on the same latitude as Mankato.

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