The Ramsey County Sheriff's Department went above and beyond the call of duty Monday evening, when Carjackers did the unimaginable.

Monday evening around 11 pm, Ramsey County Deputies were in hot pursuit of a vehicle that was stolen.  A 911 caller had reported that someone had been shot.

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The Carjacking suspects refused to stop. While they were being chased they tried to carjack another person's vehicle, which had pulled over to the side of the road. The Carjackers showed a gun, but the Deputies were on their tail and quickly were catching up to the Carjackers. So luckily for the second driver, the Carjackers were unable to take over that vehicle.

The Carjackers kept going and eventually started driving the wrong way down Interstate 694.

Suddenly, the passenger side backdoor of the carjacked vehicle opened, and the suspects threw a puppy out of the vehicle. The puppy hit the freeway rolling into lanes of traffic. The Deputies had no idea that the carjackers had thrown a puppy out of the car until the next day when they were watching the in-car camera video. They saw the suspects throw something white out of the vehicle, but had no idea what they would discover when they checked their cameras the next day.

Once they discovered that it was a puppy, they went back to the area in search of the pup, and found it! The puppy was still alive and hiding in the snow. He was rushed to an emergency veterinarian, who determined the puppy had a broken leg and many other injuries but was expected to live.

The puppy has now been named Taho, and is being fostered by a dog-loving worker at the Sheriff's Office.

After the Carjackers through the puppy from the vehicle, they were finally stopped as a pursuit intervention technique was used on the vehicle, which finally came to a stop. Two suspects fled the scene while two of them remained in the vehicle.

As for Taho, his medical costs have totaled $4500, and ongoing medical costs are estimated to be around $7500. Anyone who would like to make a donation to help in Taho's recovery can visit

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