House shopping is sort of's sort of's sort I making the right decision?...It's like a marriage. I'm on the house dating market. Looking for just the right home that I can live with day in and day out...year after year.


House shopping has proved to be incredibly frustrating in the St. Cloud area. The budget...the availability...the perfect location...It all has to be taken into consideration.  It's definitely a Sellers market. You don't even get a chance to see a house before it's already gobbled up. Then it comes down to...what are the MUST HAVE's and what can I live without? It's an awful lot of money to have to make those kinds of considerations but I've been told that's what it's about.


I was ready to just put the house shopping on hold for another year, when there was a couple more houses I thought I should look at. The offer is in. Now we wait on inspections and reviews. I'll let you know the final decision when I know. But it has a lot of potential. A nice big fenced in yard for my dog. A jaccuzzi...a jetted appliances, new siding, new roof, huge finished garage. That's a lot of good. The down side: no closet space and small bedrooms.


As I wait to see if this is the house that will be my home sweet home, I lie awake every night..shuffeling through the online pictures, trying to figure out where all my furniture will go. Where it WON'T go. What can I store in the garage? Can I have my Dad and Randy help me build closets? Put down new flooring? How can I decorate? Okay...You get the idea. I'll let you know in a few weeks if this is THE ONE.

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