To say it's 'pretty cold outside' is kind of an understatement right now. The actual air temperature this morning was in the 20+ degrees below zero range.

It makes my heart hurt that Holdingford Public Schools has to do this, but they are reminding parents and the community via their Facebook page how to properly dress their children during the bitter cold.

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They wrote, "Temps are cold and the wind chill is making it worse … cars are warm, but there is concern with the lack of appropriate winter weather clothing. There are too many examples of students walking in the building without hats, gloves and often jackets.

If you're wondering how to appropriately dress your child for the weather, here's what the school district recommends (please follow these!!).

When the weather is zero to 20 degrees Fahrenheit, your child needs to be dressed in; two to three layers on top (under shirt, shirt, sweater), one to two layers on the bottom (pants and snow pants), a warm hat, gloves, a winter jacket or outer layer to keep wind out, and water proof boots.

When the weather is below zero degrees Fahrenheit you should dress your kids in the following; three or more layers on top (1 insulating), gloves (insulated), two or more layers on the bottom, a warm hat, face mask, an outer later to keep the wind out and water proof boots.

The school district published a neat info-graphic for you to use.

Please take this as a friendly reminder. Temps are cold and the wind chill is making it worse. Buses and cars are warm,...

Posted by Holdingford Public Schools on Friday, February 12, 2021

It's extremely important to make sure your child has the appropriate winter gear. If you need help providing that for your child there are several resources in the area including the Salvation Army's Warm Coat program and Catholic Charities Emergency Services. When in doubt, reach out to your local school district for advice.

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