ST. JOSEPH -- Do you have a collection of rare antiques or treasures? If so the guys from the History’s Channels American Pickers want to check out your stuff.

The show will be filming in Minnesota next month and the guys are looking for places to pick in Central Minnesota.

American Pickers Casting Associate Victoria Weinberg says they are trying to spread the word and just may make a stop at your house.

"Right now we are trying to spread the word to everyone in the area and trying to find the best collections out there."

St. Joseph is one of the places the pickers are hoping to make a stop in.


Bob Ringstrom is the president of the St. Joseph Chamber of Commerce. He says at first they were surprised they wanted to come to Central Minnesota.

"When you stop and think about it, that's what they thrive on is discovering things. So who knows they may have felt there's a lot to be discovered in the St. Joseph area."

Weinberg says the guys really wanted to come to Minnesota and love to hear the stories behind the artifacts they find.

"We defiantly look for something that is unique and they haven't seen before with a good story behind it. They really like when other pickers are passionate about their collection."

Ringstrom says the community has been around for a long time and he is sure there are some treasures out there.

"I suspect there are people out there that have been hanging onto their things, so I think there is a potential of finding something in the St. Joseph area."

Weinberg says the guys only pick private collections so anything open to the public is off limits.

If you’re interested in having your collection looked at by the American Pickers you can contact Weinberg 1-855-653-7878 or email at

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