I had just gotten out of the shower this morning when my wife told me to look outside.

Thinking something dumb had had happened -- like that the garbage truck had knocked over our trash -- I looked outside...to see snow falling. Huge, white, puffy snowflakes -- maybe the biggest I'd ever seen. "Well, crud," I said, keeping my language safe for the dog.

A hilarious video by TikTok user jaclyneiynck with over 30k views seems to reflect exactly how I and so many other Minnesotans felt seeing snow Friday morning. "What the.... #mnweather #snowinoctober #fyp #minnesota #2020," is all the caption reads. The video, though, says it all.

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The video -- filmed from the porch of a quiet, rural home -- shows snow falling everywhere. Text layered over the shot reads "MN Weather." As the video continues and the camera pans, and the text changes to read "Last week...83 and *sun emoji*" then "Today, October 16...36 and *snowflake emoji*." While the video itself isn't necessarily all the funny, the choice of original audio overlaid makes it seemingly hilarious: unassociated with the video itself, a little girl can be heard repeating the words "What the hell" as someone -- presumably her mom -- tells her to stop while trying not to laugh. The choice of inappropriate words by a child added to the shot of snow falling makes for a genuinely hilarious video.

The audio used in  jaclyneiynck's video is actually attributed to TikTok user Brooke Gafford as the original source. In one of her videos, she asks her daughter -- who's sitting on her bed with a spatula -- what she just said. "What the hell," her daughter whispers before repeating it again louder. "Don't say that!" Brooke gently scolds her. "Remember, that's a bad word!" "Why is it a bad word?" her daughter asks back. That video has been viewed over 11.1k times.

What was your response to seeing the first snow of Fall 2020 Friday morning?