A Minnesota construction worker with a funny bone has humored TikTok with his very literal depictions of Minnesota cities.

One of the latest trends on TikTok lately has been to see how many puns you can fit into a single video. One Minnesota man -- a construction worker who goes by the name Extreme Sandbox on TikTok -- has taken on the challenge, finding creative -- and hilarious -- ways to personify Minnesota city names.

In his first video, the construction worker asks his friend behind the camera what he's holding in his hand.

"Oh, it's a stick," answers the friend in a thick Minnesota accent.

"What's this stuff?" the man asks, showing a bottle in his other hand.

"Oh, it's Maple Syrup!" answers the friend.

"Maplewood!" the man exclaims, pouring the syrup over the stick.

"Oh, gosh! Don't leave me, don't leave me! Take me with you!" the friend calls out as the man runs to another part of the construction site.

"Hey, what's this again?" the man asks, showing the stick.

"Oh, that's the same stick," his friend replies.

"What am I doing?" he asks, dropping the stick and pushing sand over it with his boot.

"Oh, you're covering it up."

"Woodbury!" the man exclaims. The pair again runs to another part of the site where the funnyman holds up a bottle of water and asks what he's doing to it.

"You're shaking it," his friend replies. The man stops shaking it.

"What's it now?"

"It ain't movin'."


The video concludes with a question appearing on the screen, "Will we do your city next?"

Since that first video, the pair have gone on to create several more. Watch them for yourself and see if you can guess which Minnesota cities they're depicting below!

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