Sometimes you see something and you are sure of what you are seeing and turns out... that's not it!

This is what happened here.

A person, who happened to be out of town, looked on his security cameras and thought he saw a moose being dragged across his property by a couple of hunters... poachers. He thought he needed to take care of this problem right away. Because you know, illegal poaching.

Bring Me the News said the call came in with this information:

The illegal poaching call came from a homeowner on the Gunflint Trail, DNR Conservation Officer Kylan Hill, who covers the Tofte area, wrote in the agency's weekly reports. The homeowner said the two individuals were "dragging a dead moose across the driveway," Hill wrote.

When he went to investigate, he found the caller wasn't actually home, but had been watching their driveway via a security camera while "a few states away."

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Turns out this situation was nearly as illegal as the property owner thought it was.  After some investigation, they found what was thought to be a moose was actually a large tent that was being dragged by the neighbors.  Whoopsie!

Those security cameras like the ones that come with the Ring doorbell and trail cams are really helpful.  Sometimes a little too much.  Might have been a good idea to check with the neighbors to see if they noticed anything weird happening before making a formal call about illegal poaching.

By the way, Minnesota DNR used to allow moose hunts.  That ended in 2013.  Although there are some Ojibwe bands in Minnesota that do permit moose hunting on a limited basis.

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