There's nothing better than a coffee house with a great vibe. Awesome coffee and a great space to hang with friends or get some work done on your laptop in a comfortable relaxed atmosphere. If you like the sound of that, you'll like this even more.  There is a brand new coffee bar that just opened today (8/19) in St. Cloud.

Oblivion Coffee Bar's website said they would tentatively open on 8/19.  But nothing was for certain until today when it actually opened.  They posted this to Facebook.


They're located in downtown St. Cloud at 27 - 7th Ave No.  Their website explains the coffee they are serving and the way it is made:

Oblivion prides itself in serving fresh, local roasts brought to you exclusively by Eminent Roasters and crafted using industry leading Nuova Simonelli, Fetco, Macap, and Bunn machines.

The inside of the Coffee Bar has a classic early 1900's feel with gorgeous woodwork and a very casual and friendly feel.

Photo by Brooks O'Brian-TSM
Photo by Brooks O'Brian-TSM

They are a Coffee "Bar" and encourage you to hang out and stay a while. Although they are obviously all about coffee, it is not all they do.  The website points that out:

Although we offer an array of hot and iced drinks, we also provide savory and sweet food options.

And there is more still.  The website also explains that it's not just Coffee and food:

Tucked on the far side of the coffee”bar” you will find a nook and cranny of quirky shopping! Gifts for mom, your coworker, best friend Megan, and you can’t forget about you!

Photo by Brooks O'Brian-TSM
Photo by Brooks O'Brian-TSM

Not long ago I wrote a story about some of the vibey coffee shops to visit in St. Cloud and beyond.  Now we can add this new Coffee "Bar" to the list.

Also, don't forget that the 2nd Annual Cloud Coffee Fest is coming to St. Cloud next month too. Get the details HERE.

Whether it's the caffeine, the delicious treats or the relaxing atmosphere you prefer.  It looks like Oblivion has you covered!

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