I get married in 51 days and I'm still crossing things off of my to do list. Last night my fiance, Dave, and I went and sampled wedding cakes! I think that this is probably by far the most enjoyable part of the planning process--I mean, who doesn't love tasting cake?!

We met with Donna at Cold Spring Bakery who was an absolute joy to work with!. She really helped us pick out the perfect cake and coached us through the whole decision making process. We selected the style of cake pictured above, but our flowers will be the same as our wedding colors--navy, gray and a hint of gold!

You'd think buying a cake was easy, but there are so many options to consider; style, number of layers, thickness, type of frosting, flavor, how many real layers to have, color of the cake board, whether to have it delivered or picked up, etc.

I'm just happy to have one more think checked off my list! Of course I ordered way more cake than we need for the wedding because I've got a giant sweet tooth! What do you think of the cake we went with? Let me know by commenting your thoughts below!