A survey shows that Minnesotans love their neighbors more than folks in most other states. (See: Minnesota Nice.) Minnesotans would offer $299 to help a neighbor in need, among the highest in the US.

Alaskans seem to be the most generous, willing to kick in more than $700 to lend a hand to a neighbor in need. North Dakota was the least at just $16. 

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So how many Minnesotans would actually reach out to their neighbors and ask for money if they needed it? 15% admitted they would ask to borrow money from next door.

Usually one a neighbor asks to borrow money, the assumption is that you'll be repaid. If one of my next-door neighbors knocked on my door and said, "Hey Pete, do you have twenty bucks? I have to pay for candy I ordered and the kid is at my door, and I don't have any cash." I'd laugh and wouldn't hesitate to hand over a twenty (although they'd be lucky if I had any cash on hand). It's good to get to know your neighbors.

Last summer, a neighbor I knew much less than my next-door neighbors was asking by on the sidewalk in front of my house, we greeted each other and chatted a bit before he asked if I has twenty-bucks to buy some food. (Holy crap!) Inside I was horrified, I felt so bad for the guy. I imagined what it would take to bring up the courage to initiate that conversation. I actually did have a twenty on hand and handed to to him. Assuming I'd never see it again, but so glad I was in a position to help.

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