As a consumer, if you go to any town, mall, strip mall, downtown areas, etc in Minnesota you will see somthing that is fairly common- a lot of help wanted signs.  It seems that right now, everyone is hiring.  There are several businesses that have signs on the door that states that they have shortened hours because of a worker shortage or that they are simply closed until that changes.  Restaurants have empty tables all over but yet say that there is a wait to be seated.  This is because of a worker shortage as well.

What is the problem?

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The common thing that I have heard is that the extra unemployment is keeping people from going back to work.  That ended in Minnesota the beginning of September.  If you have kids under 18 there is the chance that you will receive $300 extra per kid per month.  But keep in mind that this will hit you come tax time.  So plan accordingly with that situation.  The moratoriam on evictions is being phased out throughout the next year- from this past June until June of 2022.  So, you would think that people are going to have to have a means to pay their rent, right?

Are people not going back to work because of what they deem as low pay?  I have heard some business owners say that they can't afford to pay employees $15-$20 an hour and have a full staff.  So if they do pay this, then they will have to work with less employees.  This doesn't fix the problem.

What is the problem? Low pay? Not an ideal job? What is the solution?  It's sad to see that so many restaurants and small businesses have had to close their doors recently.  This needs to be fixed... again, what is the solution?

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