A realistic walk-through experience of the Old Testament Tabernacle is coming to Sauk Rapids for one week of free tours.

In Old Testament history God was recorded as living among the Hebrew people in a holy tent. In Exodus 25 He tells Moses to build a tabernacle and lays out specific instructions for its construction. Fifteen chapters later in Exodus 40, it says that "The Cloud [God's presence] covered the Tent of Meeting, and the Glory of God filled The Dwelling." For over 400 years until King Solomon built the Temple in Jerusalem, God's spirit lived among the Israelites in the tabernacle. Whenever the people moved locations, the tabernacle was packed up, relocated and reconstructed. This structure is a significant part of Hebrew history.

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A full-scale, artistically crafted replica of the ancient Hebrew tabernacle is coming to Sauk Rapids for display and free tours August 14-22. "Travel back over 3,000 years into the desert between Egypt and Israel," reads a press release by Messiah's Mansion St. Cloud, "where more than 2 million people banded together to build this sanctuary for their God. Each element in the tabernacle had deep significance to the Hebrew people, which will be explained in the tour."

The tabernacle will be set up at t 1970 15th St NE, Sauk Rapids, MN 56379 and available for tours from 1:00pm-7:00pm with special group reservations for morning tours. Reservations are required, and tours can be booked online at www.messiahsmansionstcloud.org or by phone at 218-639-3549. The tabernacle is divided into five sections, with each section of tour lasting about 15 minutes; the total tour lasts about 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Messiah's Mansion is based at Oklahoma Academy in Harrah, OK but -- just like the original Hebrew temple -- travels the country multiple times a year. It's been displayed from Ventura, CA to Cumberland, MD and even Canada and Jamaica. Read more about Messiah's Mansion and book your tour here.

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