Two brands of popular electric ranges have been recalled due to a health risk.  

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The Consumer Product Safety Commission says that Frigidaire and Kenmore Electric Ranges have been recalled in a “reannounced recall” by the Electrolux Group.  

That’s right, you read “reannounced”, these ranges were previously recalled in 2009.  

The ranges could have one of three issues that present a safety hazard. Depending on the model, the surface heating elements can; 

  • Turn on spontaneously without being switched on 
  • Fail to turn off after being turned on 
  • Heat to a different temperature than the desired heat  

The Electrolux Group say that all of these present fire and/or burn risks.  

There were over 203,000 of these ranges sold, and based on the serial number, Electrolux will determine if yours can be repaired or not. You should not leave anything on the range when it’s not in use. 

If your range is repairable, an inspection and repair will be scheduled. If the range you have cannot be fixed, consumers will be given a refund that comes in the form of a $50 electronic gift card, and reimbursement up to $60 for hauling away the malfunctioning range.  

The reimbursement will be sent to you once you provide the receipts. If the haul away fee is over $60, you could get that amount back if you provide the receipts and other documentation confirming the older range has been properly disposed of.  

You can click on this website for more information, 

Or you can email,  

Or call 1-888-845-8226.  

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