Lots of people buy their coffee already ground. I have. I also like grinding my own coffee beans. I don't know why. Something about the sound of the coffee grinding;the smell...and having the idea that you have a 'fresher' cup of coffee.

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Whether there's any truth to that or not, sometimes I get lazy. If you've got an empty coffee can, and a coffee grinder, you can take the time to grind all your coffee beans in one day. It sort of defeats the purpose; but lets face it, sometimes we get busy.

Photo by Kelly Cordes


Here's the thing. This coffee grinder works great. Great that is, if you just want to grind one cup of beans for one pot of coffee today. If you're in the mood for grinding the whole bag of beans, I have a better idea.

Photo by Kelly Cordes


Meet my Ninja. I can use this thing for everything. I can make batter, shakes, grind and chop veggies and yes....grind coffee beans. I poured the entire back in my Ninja, and did a great job.  The coffee grinds aren't as fine as when using a coffee grinder; but, if you're in the mood to be lazy, and you just want pot of coffee this morning; another pot of coffee this afternoon, and then maybe even another one a supper time? Yes. This coffee grinding hack works great.

What hacks have you found that you're too embarrassed to share with anyone? I mean seriously...I feel like there's no purpose for my little coffee grinder anymore. I sort of feel bad for it.


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