Mother's Day is just around the corner; and I can hardly think of a more important day in the year than that.

To my Mom:

Since I was a little girl, you have been my whole world. You were always the most beautiful woman I'd ever seen. You always had everything so put together. You always have loved your children and grandchildren like they were the best things on the planet. (I was the kid that ran away from my friends house, just so I could get back to you). You can't imagine how much I missed you when I lived in Kentucky for 20 years.

My caring and supportive of her family. She can draw, paint, create, and write the cutest poems and stories. She has helped her Grandchildren with homework; and not just a couple assignments; she's had to relearn everything for years as all of her Grandchildren went through school; just helping them do better with every passing day; pushing them to be their best, and offering great solid advice without scolding them; even when she probably would have liked to.

Mom....She has been there for me when I've made the best and worst decisions of my life. She has always supported me; even when I moved away from her for 20 years. Even through my divorce and moving back home.   Provided me a place to land, get my head together, and get back on my feet. I'm so thankful to have had my parents there for me when I moved home in 2013.

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Mom....She always supported my playing music. She loves to hear her Grandkids and myself perform, and encourages the love of whatever we find as passion in our lives. I remember shopping with Mom for a Casio keyboard; I remember she bought it, and I wrote my first full songs on that silly little tiny keyboard.

Mom...Is a great  designer....a great cook...She can bake anything...She is crafty...funny...and strong willed. She loves her flowers, and gardening, and my Dad. My Mom always stays busy and is a fierce protector of her family.

Mom...she the perfect partner for my Dad. I remember watching them kiss when I was kid, and even though I pretended I was going to throw up; I always thought, "Wow! They really love each other."   My parents together built a life together pretty much being friends since they could walk and talk....and I never once saw them fight as we were growing up.

I don't know what I would do without you. I love you with all my heart, and miss you during this quarantine time.  Just know that you are loved by all of us

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Here are some tips for self-care during the pandemic:

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