Today, October 12th, is Farmers' Day. A day in which we should take some time to thank a farmer. Their work is neverending, and those who grew up farming or in a farming family know this time of year can have LONG days and nights as everyone gets together to bring in the crops.

One day a year doesn't seem like it's enough to show our appreciation for local producers and farmers. Every day we should take some time to think about and thank those who grow for others. Without a farmer, our grocery store shelves would be mostly empty, and some stores wouldn't have clothing, when you stop and think about it, farmers and producers are involved in about 99.5% of our day, every day.

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According to, the day wasn't always called Farmers Day. "Originally referred to as Old Farmer’s Day, National Farmers Day was cultivated to celebrate the hard work farmers put into growing their crops. The date of October 12 came about as it lands at the end of the traditional harvesting period, allowing farmers to participate in festivities, which can sometimes last the entirety of the month."

Image Credit: tomas hertogh via unsplash
Image Credit: tomas hertogh via unsplash

From sunflowers to soybeans, corn to cauliflower, what farmers do is incredibly generous, growing and providing for others.

All of their success hinges on things that they can't control, like the weather, and what they will get on the market for the goods they've spent endless hours planting, spraying, and then harvesting.

Farming is a hard job, and one that I've never really done, but I'm glad I know a bunch of farmers, some of whom I get to call family.

Thanks, Ed, Jay, and Dylan Vandenheuvel for what you guys do year in and year out.

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