There are two reasons why I won't swim in the ocean. Jellyfish and sharks. I thought I might be able to escape both if I went further north. I guess I was wrong.

It is being reported today that a great white shark shut down a beach in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. I've been to Cape Cod many times, gorgeous area of the country and some awesome beaches. Now comes word that just a few miles from where the movie Jaws was filmed, they are seeing Great White Sharks right next to people kayaking in the ocean!

I truly enjoy the beach. Every year I go to the Gulf and hang out on the beach with my family. I enjoyed the beaches in Cape Cod and Nantucket when I visit. Something has always told me not to go in the water and now there's this story?

Needless to say, I won't be putting even a toe back into the ocean anytime soon. Maybe I can be safe from sharks and jellyfish at the North Shore!

Enjoy your summer and if you are heading for the East Coast, watch out for sharks!