Perhaps this could be a way to (partially) spend your vacation of a lifetime!

The picture is a bit misleading (click bait!). You wouldn't actually travel like a Viking in a viking knarr, but this would still be pretty dang fun!

The company is Viking Cruises. Boom, there's yer Viking (skål!). The trip lasts for an amazing-if-you-can-get-this-much-time-off-work 245 days. You visit six continents and almost 60 countries.

You'll need to pack for several seasons, too. Stops include Egypt, London, Rio de Janeiro, Tasmania, and more.

You get business class international airfare, complimentary visa services, and unlimited Wi-Fi (SOLD!).

How much does something like this cost? It starts (STARTS!) at over $92,000 per person. If that's too much there's a shorter 119-day cruise that starts at only about $46,000.

If this somehow sounds feasible to you, you depart on August 31st, 2019, so start garage sale-ing now. Tell the kids that they better study to get a scholarship, because have cash will travel!

H/T: Fox News

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