What better way to start summer than with a Memorial Day round of golf? Or at least that's what the members of my household thought yesterday afternoon. We were all getting stir crazy stuck inside from the heat, so we slammed a few water bottles and decided to brave the 95 degree afternoon for a round of golf at Angushire in St. Cloud. When we started at 4:45 PM it was nothing but blue skies, sunshine, and a very warm breeze.


Once we got to hole 5, which runs along HWY 15, we could see that the sky was becoming a darker blue, but we didn't think anything would come out of it. Then once we hit hole 7 it turned from blue to dark gray and the wind picked up tremendously. But it helped carry my drive on hole 8 so I wasn't too mad. Then the storm broke loose right as we were approaching the green on hole 9. Here is some of the video I took from it!

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