With the blizzard occurring outside, it doesn't feel like the golf season will be here any time soon. But it's Minnesota, and the weather can turn at any time. The people who created Parway Golf clothing know that best, because they're from Minnesota.

Parway Golf gear is based on two basic principals:

First, being the pure enjoyment and relaxation of the game.  Second, being our roots of living in Minnesota.  Our goal is to bring this lifestyle brand to life by combining the everyday golf wear and the feel of northern Minnesota.

The inspiration for designs comes from things our great state is known for- lakes, woods, fishing, and nature. Their pieces are all made to be comfortable and look great on and off the course.


What's really fun is that their products are named after Minnesota landmarks and lakes, Splitrock, Vermilion, Quarry, Tonka, ect. That's a nice touch that really drives home the fact that this is a Minnesota company, making room for themselves in the golf fashion industry.

Check out their website here and keep your fingers crossed we will be on a course sometime soon!

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