American Girl dolls have a long history.  They were originally created as a way to teach children, especially girls, about different aspects of American history.  Originally each doll came from a different point in American history.

The American Girl line has grown over the years to include different cultures and ethnicities.  The American Girl dolls all have their own histories and backstories, as if they are real people.

American Girl debuted in 1986 with 3 original dolls.  As the dolls popularity grew, American Girl became a part of American Culture.  You probably knew people growing up that had them, or you did.  Or you bought them for your kids. Whichever it is, you're most likely familiar with the brand.

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In 2001 the American Girl collection debuted their first "Girl of the Year" and they've continued that every year, right up to present time as a new Girl of the Year was just named.

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The 2024 American Girl "Girl of the Year" was just named and she hails from the Land of 10,000 Lakes.  Lila Monetti is from St. Paul, MN.  She loves gymnastics and horseback riding.  Just like all the other American Girl dolls, Lila has an entire backstory that you can read.


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The interesting part about Lila is the the author that wrote her story, Erin Falligant, actually traveled to Minnesota and spent time getting to know St. Paul so that Lila would be authentic to her Midwest roots.

You can find out more about Lila's story on the American Girl website.  You can even create your own American Girl doll to look like you!

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