This is the time of year for families to gather inside around a cozy fireplace, put on their matching family pajamas, and enjoy a full week or weekend of binge-watching. The Great River Regional Library wants to help make the magic happen!

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If you go to, and type in 'Binge Box' in the search bar, you will find that each of the library's 32 locations may have a variety of Binge Boxes just waiting for you to check them out.


The Binge Boxes vary. Here in St. Cloud I found six different Binge Boxes to choose from. The Binge Boxes are put together by category. For instance, these are the current Binge Boxes I found online at for the St. Cloud Regional Library location:

  • Binge Box Comedy: Hairbrainec - Includes the movies Arthur, Hotshots!, Wagons East, and My Fellow Americans.
  • Binge Box Western: Gunslingers - Includes the movies 3:10 To Yuma, Unforgiven, A Fistful Of Dollars, and The Wild Bunch.
  • Binge Box Drama: Fascinating Women - Includes the movies Persuasion,  Little Women, Tess, and Jane Eyre.
  • Binge Box Drama: Groovy Tunes - Includes the movies Saturday Night Fever, Flashdance, Boogie Nights, The Commitments, and The Commitments Soundtrack.
  • Binge Box Drama: Classic Heroines - Includes the movies Pride & Prejudice, Emma, Rebecca, and The Nun's Story.
  • Binge Box Comedy: Buddy Flicks - Includes the movies Waiting, Zack & Miri, Office Space, and Wedding Crashers.
  • Binge Box Action: Big Adventure- Includes the movies Witness, Point Break, Salt, and Spy Game.


There are a few different ways you can bring your Binge Box home. You can go to your specific library and ask to see the Binge Box selection, or you can CLICK HERE now and enter your library, to find a full listing of what's available. You can place a hold on the Binge Box of your choice by checking the box that says PLACE HOLD. You will then be asked to log in with your library card information to complete the process. You will be able to sign out your selection and will have seven days before you have to return it.


If you don't have a library card, the process is simple. You can get your free library card Online or by stopping in to your favorite library location.


The Binge Boxes are created by donated DVD's by people like you; so if you would like to donate to your library or if you'd like to make other donations to make these great services available to people in our community, the library is currently in their end-of-year campaign, if you would like to make a donation.

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