Well this sure sounds like a win win. Do you love to visit our Minnesota state parks? Are you just itching to get outside and go hiking? Biking? Fishing? Camping? If you're the person who loves nature, and loves taking photos of places you've been, then this contest might be for you.

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A company called WhistleOut, has a contest right now and says they will pay the winner $1000 for exploring their state. All they are asking you do is take pictures with your phone and send them to WhistleOut. They aren't even expecting you to be a pro...they just want you to send pictures of your adventures to them.You'll get $1000 AND they say that they'll even provide you with the smartphone you need to take the photos, and reimburse you for travel expenses!

Here's what you need to do:

Plan your adventure. It doesn't HAVE to be a state park, but somewhere scenic in Minnesota.

Choose a smartphone valued up to $1000 by using the WhistleOut Phone Finder.

Take pictures...lots of pictures.

Share your pictures on social media.

WhistleOut says they are looking for people who are adventurous, rather then someone who is wanting to be the next big Netflix star. So if outdoors, climbing mountains, doing things and taking photos is your thing, this might be for you.

As I mentioned, if you are the winner, you'll get $1000 cash, a  new smartphone and $500 for travel expenses.

You have until May 21st to apply and the winner will be chosen on May 28th. Good luck and make sure you let me know if you win!

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