Maybe your kids aren't into sports or the arts. Maybe your kids are like mine; maybe they are into gaming. Luckily, these days gaming can still get them into great social settings where they can meet other gamers that have similar interests. Just look at this list of events happening around our area.

LGS Electronics, located on the East side of St Cloud at 44 14th Ave NE.  Every night of the week have something going on. Open play is on Sundays and Mondays. If you love Yu-Gi-Oh, you can play Yu-Gi-Oh Tuesdays. All the excitement starts at 4pm. Wednesdays all your Smashers kids can get in the Smash League which starts around 5 pm.  Thursday play is Final Fantasy starting at 7 pm. Fridays are reserved for those who love to play Magic: The Gathering, with game time starting at 6pm.  Saturdays, you can play Magic: The Gathering Casual play at 4pm, and Commander play at 8 pm.


There are a ton of events for all types of Gamers at Paddy's Game Shoppe, located at 706 W. St. Germain Street in St. Cloud.


Each week from 5-9 pm, the folks at Paddy's Game Shoppe try to play a new game. If there is a specific game you'd like to feature or play, you can do that too.


From 6-8 pm, you can team up with other lovers of Dungeons & Dragons. Create your own character. Lots of fun in this creative fantasy adventure.


From 6-9 pm, you can play Circus Imperium. This is a futuristic chariot race that is not for the faint of heart. Test your metal by racing a chariot around the track, whipping beasts, attacking other drivers, and trying not to become the next snack for the beasts.

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