UNDATED (WJON News) -- Minnesotans can get pre-packaged frozen meals shipped right to their door. Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota launched its Meals to Go program in 2019.

It is a spin-off of their hot meals program which they've had for 47 years. They say the frozen meals are more convenient, especially for people in remote parts of the state.

Senior Director of LSS Meals Kristin Quenzer says the frozen meals have grown in popularity and they are now shipping over 2,000 meals each week.

All of the meals are made in a kitchen in Eagle Bend in Todd County.

We have our shipped meal program run out of the Hilltop Regional Kitchen, which was the industrial sciences part of the old high school before it closed down.  Through a community partnership and a lot of community support, we rebuilt that space as a kitchen.

Quenzer says 10 to 12 people work there making the meals.

Meals to Go has just launched a website for easier online ordering. They have over 30 menu items which are shipped in bundles of 14 meals at a time.

We got some very good feedback from some of the people that we serve that said they wanted more breakfast items, so we added more breakfast items to the shipped menu.  We listen to the community and what they want.  We have three registered dieticians on staff that are adding new menu items regularly.

The packages include bread, milk, and dessert along with the full meal.

The cost breaks down to $9 per meal including shipping, but waiver programs are available to help lower the cost.

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The meals arrive in three to four business days.

They can be sent anywhere in Minnesota and there is no age restriction.


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