Free anything right now is a great thing.  How about free chicken nuggets?  Wendy's fast food restaurants are giving away free 4 piece chicken nuggets to everybody who goes through the drive-thru on Friday, April 24th.  No purchase necessary and you get a choice between crispy or spicy nuggets.  Why can't you have crispy/spicy nuggets?  But anyway...

Wendy's Reports Slide In Earnings
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An article from USA Today regarding the free nuggets said they are being dubbed as "Groupnug" like their version of a group hug.

There are some other freebies from some other fast food restaurants too.  McDonald's rolled out their "Free Thank You" meals to workers/first responders on the front lines of the corornavirus pandemic along with healthcare workers.  This will be available through May 5th.

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Wendy's has asked others to tweet saying...

There are others that are doing great things for first responders and people in need.  This whole thing has really been a nightmare, but maybe also bringing people together in an odd way.

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