How much do you want to pay for your coffee? Do you want it free? Are you someone who worries about expiration dates on coffee? Or is that just a suggestion.

You can head over to Facebook's St. Cloud Marketplace right now; and if it's still available, you can get FREE cans of coffee. If you want them, click HERE now to link to the Facebook Marketplace page.

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Now granted; they are dated. The Seller says that the Folgers Coffee is so old that the company couldn't tell the Seller when the coffee was manufactured and packaged. There is also a can of Maxwell House coffee, which has an expiration date of 2009.

To be fair, the Seller doesn't really think that anyone would want to take this FREE coffee for drinking purposes. But I agree with the Seller; if you are Gardener, this might be good for your plants? Maybe even a way for you to make a homemade version of fertilizer?  I've always heard that coffee grounds are good for a garden.

According to The University of Minnesota Extension, coffee grounds can be beneficial to your soil. Coffee grounds contain carbon, nitrogen and other compounds that feed soil organisms.


According to an article asking this specific question, the answer is yes, but depending on how it's stored, and whether it's whole bean, instant coffee, or ground can drastically change the length of time the coffee will be okay to use. To learn more, click HERE now.

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