I know I spend a lot of time talking about going to college. The reason being is; I had the opportunity to go. I didn't realize it but there were steps I took to help me get there so I could attend broadcasting school and do what I love today.


Tell your family you want to go. I think I shocked the pants off of my parents when I said I wanted to go to college. Of course, I was not at all thinking about the cost to go. But first things first. Tell your family what you want to do so you can get the wheels in motion. Tell your teachers, your coaches, and ask for help on how to get started.


Push yourself in school. Take a couple harder classes to prepare you for what a trip to REAL college might feel like. Give yourself some credit! You are smart! Push yourself and you'll reep the rewards later.



Find the right college for you. Maybe you can't wait to get out of the house and on your own. Maybe you know that you want to be close to your family. Be honest with yourself and start figuring out what will work for you. What distance from home is comfortable for you. Ask yourself; Do I want to live on campus? Do I want to live at home and drive to school? All of these choices are important. When you figure this part out, you can start searching for schools that might work for your lifestyle.


Funding. Figure out how you might pay for college. Colleges can vary in price; and here in Minnesota we have very affordable State colleges and Technical colleges. Are you going to work full time this summer to save up some cash? Are you going to apply for grants? Many students get free college tuition. Find out if you qualify! Do it! Expanding your mind can take you places you never thought possible...and then YOU'LL be writing articles like this to try to push others to go on and be what they dream of being.

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