Another week, another batch of WTF food stories. It's Food Nooz!

#1: World Gravy Wrestling Championships

Wrestling Match
Be a lot cooler with gravy... (Getty Images)

Yes, the World Gravy Wrestling Championships. Don't know if this is officially sanctioned by the pro wrestling illuminati or whatever; but unlike the illuminati, gravy wrestling actually exists.

Fortunately, the event was as much of a fundraiser as it was good ol' British gravy fun.

Source: UPI


#2: Thief Attempts To Sour a Lemon Farmer's Crop

Thieves suck. They take what's not theirs as if it's theirs. Jerks. A jerk in California attempted to make a lemony-clean getaway with 800 pounds of freshly-picked lemons he stole from a nearby farm when he was pulled over and busted. Better call Pine-Sol!

I'll show myself out.

Source: UPI

#3: VegeSCAREians

Southampton University researchers with nothing better to do stalked observed twenty vegetarian men to study their eating habits. What they found was ULTIMATE BETRAYAL!

Turns out, vegetarian men will eat meat when they're with their non-vegetarian male friends, just to avoid embarrassment. If you're THAT embarrassed by your eating habits, perhaps you should change them!

Or get friends that you won't feel embarrassed around just for eating how you want.

Source: Daily Mail

#4: America's Got a New Favorite Apple

We've finally defeated the Big Red (Delicious) Machine!

For 50+ years, we've been slaves to the Red Delicious Apple. To put it in less-dramatic terms, Red Delicious apples have been 'Merica's favorite for over five decades. This year saw an end to the streak.

Gala apples are now the most-produced apple. Let's celebrate with an...Apple Gala?

I'll show myself out, again.

Source: Newser

#5: Red Bull Releases Very Not-Red Bull drinks

Red Bull has clipped its wings with its latest offering: organic pop. Or 'soda' if you're not from 'Sota.

ORGANICS by Red Bull features no caffeine save for the 'Simply Cola' line. The rest - Bitter Lemon, Ginger Ale, and Tonic Water - are caffeine-free and sound disgusting.

Source: Men's Health

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